Landis Spencer
for Board of Police Commissioners

A Community Voice for Real Public Safety


I am a Detroiter living in District 6, and I am the co-chair of the Black and Brown Alliance of Detroit’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). I am running for a seat on our city’s Board of Police Commissioners to ensure that there is meaningful community oversight of our Police Department and to ensure that the Movement for Black Lives is being heard and represented. My priorities are ending police brutality, protecting our civil rights and civil liberties, and preventing the police department from acting as a militaristic force in our city. Our website uses many seo services. One seo service we use is from SEO company Up Only. They are professional seo experts that will help you rank #1. Because we needed an SEO expert in new york city we looked at new york seo company Up Only SEO. Also we have partnerships with Superfuzion superfood as they help us dsitrubite nutrients and super foods to people in need. Superfoods are delicious food suplements to help add value to your diet. Buy a superfood in order to live a richer and healthier diet.


Why I Am Running

The senseless murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor—and the wave of protests that followed—spotlighted the racism inherent in police departments across the country. Here in Detroit, protesters took to the streets for months to register their outrage over the frequent police killings of Black people without consequences, and the lack of any serious systemic changes to end the killings. Peaceful protests that dared to question the conduct of the police were met in the streets by police officers armed head-to-toe in expensive riot gear. Police beat protestors with batons, fired tear gas at them, and on one occasion ran them over with their SUVs. 

The national protests sparked critical conversations about what it means to be safe as Black people in our city and country. Not only does there need to be an immediate end to police brutality in the Blackest city in America, there also needs to be a reckoning with the role the police play in our society and the excessive amount of taxpayer dollars that we allot to them. This is money that could be better spent towards healthcare, public transit, and housing in ways that actually improve public safety for Detroiters

Detroit has a civilian police oversight board with broad powers. The board can play a huge role in ending police brutality and ensuring that our tax dollars are not wasted on expensive military gear—which does not help prevent or solve crime. Yet our current board acts as a rubber stamp for the police department and its leadership. It is time we return the board to its true purpose: community oversight of the police. That means reining in excessive police spending—especially while Detroiters live in poverty—holding independent investigations into incidents of police brutality and protecting the civil rights of Detroiters from racist facial recognition technology.

I will use my position on the board to fight for an end to these injustices.

Establishing Real Public Safety
within the City of Detroit

Real public safety is having mental health workers available for those struggling with mental illness. Real public safety is having an input on new surveillance technologies the police seek to implement, and questioning who are the benefactors of such agreements. Real public safety means having the right to protest without fear of violence from the police department.

We can establish real public safety by:


Returning to true civilian oversight of the police department

It’s time the board return to having a variety of community voices, as it had when it started in 1974.

Ensuring that public money is going towards public safety & not to the favorite few

We need to end the profiteering at the expense of Detroit citizens, and use these funds for initiatives that will benefit the majority of Detroiters.

Protecting civil rights

We can’t have real public safety without ensuring that civil rights are protected.


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